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Discontinuous control design for tracking feasible trajectories in underactuated manipulators

Joaquin Alvarez, O. PeƱaloza-Mejia, Luis A. Marquez-Martinez
A discontinuous controller for tracking feasible trajectories in 2 degrees-of-freedom underactuated manipulators is proposed. The controller is designed as an extension to the underactuated case of the computed torque control approach with a PD-type controller. Provided some conditions were satisfied, the proposal ensures stability of the closed-loop system, and allows to track, simultaneously for all the system variables, feasible trajectories to reach static and non-static configurations under relatively large drifts in initial conditions.The effectiveness of the proposal is illustrated by means of simulations in two underactuated manipulators with different characteristics.
CYBERNETICS AND PHYSICS, Vol. 2, No. 3, 143-150.
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