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Control and transfer of entanglement in a system of coupled micro-toroidal resonators

Emilio H. S. Sousa, J. A. Roversi
Quantum systems that comprising atoms coupled to optical cavities have been normally used for quantum information processing. Due to improvement of the experimental control under such systems, new architectures involving one or two atoms and cavities with two modes have been proposed. The entanglement is here the fundamental quantum feature which plays an important role in quantum processing. In this work, we investigated dynamical entanglement of quantum states transfer of the coupled atoms with micro-toroidal cavities. Each cavity supports two counter-propagating whispering-gallery modes coupled simultaneously an atom through their evanescent fields. We show that, it is possible to transfer with high fidelity a superposition state of one atom which is coupled to a micro-toroidal cavity to the another atom which is coupled to a second micro-toroidal cavity. Normally this kind of propagating medium has high quality factor however they can have some small deformation that can also introduce coupling between the gallery modes and in that situation generating entanglement between them. We also observed that, is possible transfer this entangled states between the cavities. In addition, the influence of the coupling between the modes in dynamics of entanglement between the two atoms is analyzed.
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