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Adaptive Semi-active Control of Suspension System with MR Damper

Akira Sano, tomoaki mori, Itthisek Nilkhamhang
The paper is concerned with a fully adaptive semiactive control which can deal with uncertainties in both models of MR damper and suspension mechanism. The proposed approach consists of two adaptive control: One is an adaptive inverse control for compensating the nonlinear hysteresis dynamics of the MR damper, which can be realized by identifying a forward model of MR damper and then calculating the input voltage to MR damper to generate a reference damping force. It can also be realized directly by updating the inverse model of MR damper without identification of forward model, which works as an adaptive inverse controller. The other is an adaptive reference control which gives the desired damping force to match the seat dynamics to a specified reference dynamics even in the presence of uncertainties in the suspension system. Validity of the proposed algorithm is discussed in simulation studies.
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