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Design of active suspension control system with the use of Kalman filter-based disturbances estimator

Gerasimos Rigatos, Pierluigi Siano, Sesto Pessolano
A solution to the problem of active control and disturbances compensation in vehicles suspensions is proposed. It is shown that the suspension model satisfies differential flatness properties and the associated flat output is a weighted sum of the system’s state vector elements. Differential flatness of the suspension model enables transformation into a linear canonical form for which it is possible to design a state feedback controller. Kalman filtering is used for estimating the non-measurable elements of the suspension’s transformed state vector through the processing of measurements provided by a small number of on-board sensors. Moreover, by reformulating the Kalman Filter as a disturbance observer it is possible to simultaneously estimate the external disturbances and the system’s transformed state vector. The inclusion of an additional control term based on the disturbances estimation enables to compensate for the disturbance effects and to attenuate vibrations. The performance of the proposed Kalman Filter-based active suspension control scheme has been tested through numerical simulation experiments.
CYBERNETICS AND PHYSICS, Vol. 1, No. 4, 2012 , 279–294.
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