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Computing bounds for the distance of functional output-controllable systems representing fixed speed wind turbine

Jose Luis Dominguez-Garcia
This paper deals with the concepts of functional output-controllability character of a finite-dimensional linear dynamical system. And a method for computing the functional output-controllability consisting on the calculation of the rank of a certain constant matrix related to the system dynamics is introduced. The linear system under study is a fixed speed wind turbine (FSWT) formed by a squirrel cage generator connected directly to the grid. Due to the non-linear behaviour of such system, the linear system model is
calculated by means of a Taylor’s decomposition of the non-linear equations of the squirrel cage induction generator, being the system linearized around a steady state operating point. Finally, the study of the functional output-controllability of such system is done, and some boundaries are given to ensure functional output-controllability from some given operational values.
CYBERNETICS AND PHYSICS, Vol. 2, No. 2. 2013 , 77-83.
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