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Study of multistable visual perception using the synergetic model

Daniel. A. Magallón-García, Rider Jaimes-Reátegui, Guillermo Huerta-Cuellar, Luis A. Gallegos-Infante, César Soria-Fregoso, Juan H. García-López
We consider a synergetic model of multistable visual perception with additive noise and study dynamics of coexisting percepts as a function of a bias parameter. The bifurcation analysis allows us to estimate the region of coexisting percepts. The effect of noise on the attention state manifests itself as intermittent switches between different perception states. Using the recurrence plot we find a threshold value of the noise intensity when the perception selection can be well defined.
CYBERNETICS AND PHYSICS, Vol. 6, No. 3. 2017, 139–144
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