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Control and high fidelity quantum state transfer between atoms coupled to distinct micro-toroidal cavities

Emilio H. S. Sousa, José A. Roversi
Hybrid quantum systems usually composed by electromagnetic systems have providing an efficient route for build scalable integrated photonic circuit techniques. Here, we have proposed, to control and transfer the entangled quantum states between two atoms, a hybrid system comprising of microtoroidal cavities and atoms connected via electromagnetic fields. Each cavity supports two counter-propagating whispering gallery modes coupled simultaneously to an atom through their evanescent fields. The superposition state of atom 1 coupled the micro-toroidal cavity 1 can be
transferred to the atom 2 coupled to micro-toroidal cavity 2 with high fidelity. Another interesting fact is that, presence of structural deformation in cavity can induce interaction between the gallery modes and generating entanglement between them and allowing the transferring these entangled states between the cavities. The results have shown that the quantum state transfer under dissipation is still trustworthy and providing an effective path to communication and quantum information.
CYBERNETICS AND PHYSICS, Vol. 6, No. 4, pp.257-262
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