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Hierarchical Equilibrium in Two-level Aircraft Guidance-stabilization System

Alexander A. Karpunin, Vladimir Serov, Yevgeniy Voronov
In the article the new concept of hierarchical equilibrium in two-level aircraft guidance-stabilization system for inter-level interaction optimization on the basis of the generalization of Stackelberg’s strategy for hierarchical differential games is formulated. The sufficient conditions of control law (strategy) optimality of the level-subsystems of the multi-object multi-criteria systems (MMS) are obtained for two-level control system. The approximate iteration procedure of obtaining the hierarchical equilibrium on the basis of the program-corrected control law (PCCL, strategy) of both MMS-subsystem levels is proposed. The block diagram of the two-level aircraft guidance-stabilization system is formed, in which an application of obtained procedure has the practical value.
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