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Optimal estimation of the particle sources in Tore Supra tokamak

In this work, we consider the problem of particle source
identification from distributed electron density measurements in fusion plasmas, such as the ones obtained in Tore Supra tokamak. Our aim is to propose a simplified diffusive transport model highlighting the coupling of the lower hybrid (LH) high frequency antennas with the plasma edge. Appropriate transport modeling in this region may be crucial for ITER, as it directly determines the efficiency of non-inductive heating. An efficient estimation strategy has to be developed to predict the behavior of the particle source term in the scrape-off layer. A simplified transport model, suitable for identification purposes, is first proposed based on classical particle transport models. Finally two identification methods are proposed: a quasi-steady state approach and a linear approach. Tore Supra data is used to illustrate the different results with experimental measurements.
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