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Simultaneous parametric optimization of plasma controllers for vertical position and shape

Sergey Zavadskiy, Anastasiya Kiktenko
For simultaneous optimization of the plasma shape and vertical position controllers are proposed mathematical model of the structural parameter optimization of the plasma dynamics.Dynamic optimization approach to plasma based on an analysis of the trajectory of the ensemble. This ensemble describes the transition process in a tokamak, expose the raw data and external disturbances. The structure of this approach is given to optimize the dynamics of an ensemble of trajectories in tokamak ITER. The trajectory of the ensemble alarmed in the initial set of points and a set of external disturbances. Earlier, on an example in work [Zavadsky, Ovsyannikov, and Chung, 2009] one regulator for optimization was used. This work is devoted to optimization of two regulators.
CYBERNETICS AND PHYSICS, Vol. 3, No. 3. 2014, 147-150.
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