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Decentralized Generalized Predictive Control Based On The Equivalent Subsystems Method

Robert Krasnansky, Alena Kozakova
The paper deals with the decentralized model predictive controller design. The Generalized Predictive Control (GPC) design approach is considered to design local controllers within the Equivalent Subsystems Methodology (ESM). According to ESM, the original
multivariable plant is diagonalized by generating so-called equivalent subsystems, for which local controllers are tuned independently. Resulting local controllers constituting a decentralized controller are implemented on the real plant. The closed-loop stability and performance under the decentralized controller are guaranteed if local controllers provide stability and
required performance of equivalent subsystems. The proposed approach has been verified on a case study - decentralized GPC design for a two-input two-output laboratory plant.
CYBERNETICS AND PHYSICS, Vol. 4, No. 4. 2015, 95-104.
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