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Experimental Investigating of non-linear and chaotic behavior of a doubly-clamped beam under electromagnetic excitation

zohreh mohammadi, Hassan Salarieh, Azadeh Marouf Mashat, Mohammad Abediny, Mehdi Maasoumy Haghighi, Rasool Shabani
This paper studies the chaotic behavior of a doubly clamped Euler-Bernoulli beam under magnetic excitation via an experimental approach. The Responses of vibrations of the beam under different magnetic excitations are being investigated. The setup includes a doubly-clamped beam which is installed on two static bases and it is excited in the middle by an electromagnetic exciter. The excitation frequency varies from 1 to 50 Hz with different bias and amplitude voltages. Using various numerical methods such as Fast Fourier Transformation, Phase diagrams and Maximum Lyapunov Exponents, the experimental results are examined to find regular and irregular responses. The experimental results show that there exists some harmonic and super harmonic and in some cases chaotic responses in this system.
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