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Intermittency induced in a bistable multiscroll attractor by means of stochastic modulation

José Luis Echenausía Monroy, Guillermo Huerta Cuellar, Rider Jaimes-Reátegui, Juan Hugo García López, Héctor Eduardo Gilardi Velázquez
In this work, numerical results of a nonlinear switching system that presents bistable attractors subjected to stochastic modulation are shown. The system exhibits a dynamical modification of the bistable attractor, giving rise to an intermit behavior, which depends of modulation strength. The resulting attractor converge to an intermittent double-scroll, for low amplitude modulation,
and a 9-scroll attractor for a higher applied noise amplitude. A Detrended Fluctuation Analysis (DFA) applied to the x state variable, shows a perturbations robustness region, since the increase of noise does not present changes. Due to the applied noise, the final obtained system has higher randomness, compared with the original one. The understanding of the dynamical behavior of multiscrolls systems is highly important for advancing technology in communications, as well in memory
systems applications.
CYBERNETICS AND PHYSICS, Vol. 8, No. 3. 2019, 114-120. https://doi.org/10.35470/2226-4116-2019-8-3-114-120
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