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Mixed-mode and chaotic oscillations via canard explosions in light-emitting diodes

Francesco Marino, Marzena Ciszak, Sora F. Abdalah, Kais Al-Naimee, Riccardo Meucci, Tito F. Arecchi
We demonstrate experimentally and theoretically the occurrence of complex sequences of periodic mixedmode and chaotic oscillations in light emitting diodes with optoelectronic feedback. The experimental results have been qualitatively reproduced by a simple physical model of the system showing that the observed dynamics is the result of canard-phenomena in a 3D phase-space. We also investigate the transition between periodic and chaotic mixed-mode states and analyze
the effects of noise on the chaotic attractors in coupled systems. In particular, we show that in the presence of white noise source, coupling enhances the coherence in the system response.
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