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Delayed feedback coherence resonance chimeras

Anna Zakharova, Nadezhda Semenova, Vadim Anishchenko, Eckehard Schöll
Coherence resonance chimeras are partial synchronization patterns made up of spatially separated domains of coherent and incoherent spiking. They have been recently discovered for nonlocally coupled networks of excitable elements in the presence of random fluctuations and demonstrate constructive role of noise for chimera states. These patterns are different from classical chimera states occurring in deterministic oscillatory systems and provide a link between two phenomena: coherence resonance and chimera states. A distinctive feature of this chimera type is its alternating behavior, i.e., periodic switching of the location of coherent and incoherent domains. Applying time-delayed feedback we demonstrate how to control coherence resonance chimeras by adjusting delay time. In particular, we show that the feedback increases the parameter intervals of existence of chimera states and has a significant impact on their alternating dynamics leading to the appearance of novel patterns, which we call {it period-two coherence resonance chimera}
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