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Adjoint Multivariable Repetitive Control Algorithm for Active Control of Vibration

Steve Daley, David Owens, Jari Hatonen, Fan Zhang
In this paper a well-known adjoint SISO Repetitive Control algorithm is extended to the multivariable case and its convergence properties are analysed. The new adjoint algorithm is validated using a simulation of an experimental facility consisting of a passive Naval vibration isolation mount that is combined with six active control channels located in a Stewart platform style arrangement. The algorithm utilises a multivariable FIR system description that is derived from frequency response function measurements. The adjoint repetitive control algorithm is used to eliminate a harmonic disturbance where the first harmonic coincides with the fundamental mount resonance of the passive component. The simulation results show that the repetitive control algorithm ultimately achieves good vibration isolation but due to the wide spread of system eigenvalues at the harmonic frequency, convergence is slow.
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