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Randomized approach to determine dynamic strength of ice

Nikolai Granichin, Grigory Volkov, Yuri Petrov, Marina Volkova
The randomized method of Sign-Perturbed Sums (SPS) is applied within the framework of the incubation time approach to evaluate the dynamic strength of ice. The experimental data of [Carney et al., 2006; Wu and Prakash, 2015; Saletti et al., 2019] is analysed in order to estimate strength parameters of ice and describe the observed strain-rate sensitivity curves. The independence of incubation time value on the ice temperature is established in contrast with the significant dependency of the critical stress parameter. The obtained confidence interval of the spalled ice is in good correspondence with the scatter observed experimentally.
CYBERNETICS AND PHYSICS 2021, Vol. 10, Is.3, 122-126 https://doi.org/10.35470/2226-4116-2021-10-3-122-126
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