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Gate control of single electron spins through Lande g-factor in InAs quantum dots

Sanjay Prabhakar, Roderick Melnik
We study the variation in the Lande g-factor of electron spins induced by an
anisotropic gate potential in InAs quantum dots for potential use as
non-charge based logic devices. In this paper, we present the numerical
simulations of such spins in an electrostatically confined two-dimensional
asymmetric gate potential forming a quantum dot system in a 2DEG. Using
numerical techniques based on Finite Element Method, we show that the broken in-plane rotational symmetry, only
due to Rashba spin orbit coupling in an asymmetric potential (induced by gate
voltages), leads to a significant reverse effect on the tunability and control of the
electron g-factor over a symmetric model potential (i.e. the derivative
of the g-factor with respect to electric field has opposite sign in the
two cases).
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