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Randomization in control for a small UAV flight optimization under unknown arbitrary wind disturbances

Konstantin Amelin
This paper deals with the possibilities of the randomized control for optimizing the trajectory of the UAV horizontal flying under unknown wind disturbances. We suggest a small UAV which is equipped for navigation only with the GPS module. Only the position’s data received iteratively at discrete time instants can be used. The user must be able to add test perturbations through the input channel. The assumptions concerning the noise are reduced to a minimum: it can virtually be arbitrary yet independent of test perturbations. The theoretical results are illustrated by simulations. Operability of the new algorithm under irregular noise in observations in comparison with traditional approaches is illustrated by simulation examples. For practical use we designed a small autonomous unmanned planner with an autopilot and additional microcomputer on the board. The effective interoperability process between autopilot and microcomputer by SIP was organized. The connection between microcomputer and ground base or microcomputers of the other UAVs was established by Wi-Fi or Internet connection.
CYBERNETICS AND PHYSICS, VOL. 1, No. 2, 2012, 79-88.
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