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Controlled motion of mechanical systems induced by vibration and dry friction

Nikolai Bolotnik, Igor Zeidis, Mikhail Pivovarov, Klaus Zimmermann
The paper deals with non-traditional vibration-driven locomotion systems. In the first part, the motion of a chain of interconnected bodies (mass points) along a straight line on a rough surface is considered. The system is subjected to kinematic constraints modeling the excitation mode. It is assumed that there is dry (Coulomb’s) friction acting between the plane and each body. The magnitude of the friction force depends on the direction of the motion. The expression for the average velocity of the steady-state motion of the system as a whole is found. In the second part, the motion of two bodies (mass points) connected by a linear spring is studied for the case where the coefficient of friction is independent of the direction of the motion. The system is driven by two unbalanced rotors attached to the bodies. It is shown that the direction of motion can be reversed without changing the direction of rotation of the rotors.
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