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An adaptive chaotic secure communication scheme with channel noise and time delay

Sun Yonghui, Cao Jinde
In this paper, by using synchronization scheme of chaotic
neural networks with delay, an adaptive secure communication scheme with channel noise and time delay is proposed. Based on the idea of chaotic masking-modulation, the transmitted message is encrypted by the chaotic signal, and via the adaptive feedback control techniques, the transmitter and the receiver are synchronized with channel noise, so the masked signal can be perfectly recovered by
the receiver in the presence of channel noise. In light of the Lyapunov stability theory for stochastic differential equations, several theoretical results are rigorously established. Finally, a numerical example is provided to verify the effectiveness of the proposed scheme, and the time required for recovering the information signal and the performance of the recovered signal very sensitively depending on the time delay and the frequency of the
information signal will also be found from the simulation results.
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