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Stochastic Sensitivity and Stabilization of Operation Mode for Randomly Forced Semiconductor Image Converter

Irina Bashkirtseva
A problem of stochastic excitability analysis and suppression of undesirable random fluctuations is considered. This problem is studied by the example of the nonlinear dynamical model describing operation of a semiconductor–gas–discharge image converter. We
show that the stochastic excitability of this system can be explained by the high stochastic sensitivity of its equilibrium. For the stabilization of the operating mode of the stochastic gas discharge system, we suggest a new constructive approach based on the idea to reduce the stochastic sensitivity of the equilibrium by the appropriate feedback regulator. A mathematical background of the analysis and control of the stochastic sensitivity is presented. We show that using this control
approach, one can suppress large-amplitude oscillations and provide a proper operation of the considered engineering device.
CYBERNETICS AND PHYSICS, Vol. 5, No. 4. 2016, 111-115.
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