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Bifurcations in Annulus-like Parameter Space of Delayed-PWM Switched Converter

Gerard Olivar, Fabiola Angulo, John A. Taborda
In this paper, we propose a study about bifurcations and chaos in
Digital Delayed Pulse-Width Modulator (PWM) switched converters.
The Digital-PWM is based on Zero Average Dynamic (ZAD) strategy
and a one-period delay in the control law is included . The
control parameter of the ZAD strategy (k_s) is varied in the
whole range (-infty ,+infty). In the limits,
the dynamical behavior is the same, yielding an annulus-like
parameter space. High richness of dynamics is obtained. Periodic
orbits, periodic windows, period-adding cascades, border-collision
bifurcations, chaotic bands and chaos are possible depending on the
k_s value. The switched converter is modelled as a piecewise
linear system where the analytical equation of the Poincaré map is
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