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Chimeralike states in a network of oscillators under attractive and repulsive global coupling

Arindam Mishra, Chittaranjan Hens, Mridul Bose, Prodyot K. Roy , Syamal K. Dana
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Special Session is entitled "Chaotic and Complex Dynamics and its Applications"

We observe chimeralike states in networks of dynamical systems using a type of global coupling
consisting of two components: attractive and repulsive mean field feedback. We identify existence
of two types of chimeralike states in a bistable Lienard system; in one type, both the coherent
and the noncoherent populations are in chaotic states and, in the other type, the incoherent
population is in a periodic state while the coherent population is in periodic or chaotic and even
be quasiperiodic. We locate the coupling parameter regimes of the two types of chimerlike states
in a phase diagram. We study other bistable systems, a forced van der Pol-Duffing system and
the Josephson junction model to investigate generality of the coupling con_guration in creating
chimeralike states. We find chaos-chaos chimeralike states in the network of bistable van der Pol-
Duffing system, period-period chimeralike states in the network of Josephson junction model in the
bistable regime. Furthermore, we apply the coupling to a network of chaotic Rossler system where
we find the chaos-chaos chimeralike states.
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