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Dmitri Ovsyannikov, Alexei Zhabko, Evgeny Veremey, Alexander Ovsyannikov, Ivan Makeev, Genady Vorobyov, Evgeny Suhov
Linear models for the plasma control system of the tight tokamak Gutta are discussed. The characteristics of the different order models are compared. Parameters of the models are calculated using special software that was developed on the base of the PET-code (which is used for the derivations of the linear models for the ITER control system design).
Calculation of a linear model includes 4 parts:
• Description of the tokamak geometry in the appropriate format;
• Calculation of inductances and resistances for all pairs of the circuits including in the models;
• Computation of the plasma equilibrium database;
• Calculation of the linear model matrices.
Before derivation of the models some parameters (e.g. plasma beta, plasma internal inductance and others) are prescribed.
As a result the linear models of the minimal order are chosen to describe the plasma dynamic properly. The linear models derived are necessary for the controller design. The controllers will be used in experiments with plasma control system of Gutta tokamak. Software package for the linear model derivation is used in educational process in accordance with the Applied Mathematics & Physics specialty of the Saint-Petersburg State University.
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