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Mathematical Models of Complex Flexible Missile and Software for Control System Design and Simulation

Sergey Brodsky, Alexander Panferov, Alexander Nebylov
Approaches to the mathematical description of different types of flexible vehicles in view of oscillations of fluid in tanks and moving masses inside the vehicle are observed. Elastic bending of a body surface in interaction with a surrounding medium in a broad band of speed variation are taken into account. Problems of regulator’s synthesis, damping of elastic oscillations, and also principles of construction of universal software for research of dynamic properties and simulations of elastic vehicles motion are considered. For implementation of suggested methods and algorithms the specialized program is designed. The software package is supplied with the program modules library. These modules are designed on the basis of mathematical models of the vehicle elements and control system, and also the significant physical phenomena such as flexibility, liquid oscillations, time lag of engines, local aerodynamic effects, etc. Functioning of the program is demonstrated and outcomes of calculations are presented.
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