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Investigation of dynamic stability of elastic aileron of wing in subsonic flow

Petr Velmisov, Andrey Ankilov
At designing structures and devices interacting with the flow of gas or liquid, it is necessary to solve the problems associated with the investigation of the stability required for their functioning and operational reliability. The definition of stability of an elastic body, taken in the article, corresponds to the Lyapunov’s concept of stability of dynamical system. On the base of a proposed nonlinear mathematical model the dynamic stability of the elastic aileron taking into account the incident subsonic flow of gas or liquid (in an ideal model of a incompressible environment) is investigated. The model is described by coupled nonlinear system of differential equations for the unknown functions – the potential of the gas velocity and deformation of the elastic aileron. On the basis of the construction of functionals, the sufficient conditions of the stability, impose restrictions on the free-stream velocity of the gas, the flexural stiffness of the elastic aileron, and other parameters of the mechanical system is obtained. The examples of construction of the stability regions for particular parameters of the mechanical system are presented.
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