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Control Of Synchronization In Delay-Coupled Neural Heterogeneous Networks

Sergei Plotnikov, Judith Lehnert, Alexander Fradkov, Eckehard Schöll
We study synchronization in delay-coupled neural
networks of heterogeneous nodes. It is well known that
heterogeneities in the nodes hinder synchronization
when becoming too large. We show that an adaptive
tuning of the coupling matrix can be used to counteract
the effect of the heterogeneity. Our adaptive controller
is demonstrated on ring networks of FitzHugh-Nagumo
systems which are paradigmatic for excitable dynamics
but can also – depending on the system parameters
– exhibit self-sustained periodic firing. We show
that the adaptively tuned time-delayed coupling enables
synchronization even if parameter heterogeneities
are so large that excitable nodes coexist with oscillatory
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