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Mixed Extended Backstepping- Sliding Modes Control with off line Parameter Optimization used for a class of Solenoid Actuators

Houria Siguerdidjane, Catalin-Stefan Teodorescu, Amir Arzandé, François Dugué
In this paper, it is described a control-design procedure for a specific class of nonlinear systems that can partially be put in the so called strict feedback form. It is used a mixed technique: backstepping and sliding modes, in order to systematically construct the command for a system in more general-form. To illustrate the procedure, an application to a propulsion system micro-pump for small satellites is given. Some practical aspects are then discussed as for instance: how to simplify the analytical form of the command (using decoupling hypothesis) and also how to choose the adjustment parameters involved in the command by using an appropriate optimization technique, in order to preserve a good robustness/performance ratio in case of perturbations.
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