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Phase control of the interaction of short laser pulses with simple systems

The work is devoted to theoretical investigations of the interaction between short laser pulses with controllable phase parameters and simple systems, namely, classical harmonic oscillator, classical Morse oscillator and two-level quantum system. We consider two types of laser pulses: gaussian pulse with controllable carrier-envelope (CE) phase and guassian pulse with controllable linear chirp of the frequency.
In the frame of perturbation theory we obtain the analytic expressions for harmonic oscillations and for two-level system excitation probability after the end of exciting laser pulse. It is shown that in this case the CE phase control is possible only for subcycle pulses. Chirped control is possible even for relatively long pulses with duration of several tens of periods at carrier frequency.
In the case of arbitrary laser amplitude we use the numerical solutions of Newton equation for classical system and Bloch equations for two level system. The peculiarities of phase control for both types of exciting pulses are investigated in wide range of parameters for classical Morse oscillator and for two-level quantum system.
Obtained results may be used in the analysis of the phase control possibility during the interaction of short laser pulses with matter.
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