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Some Problems of Global Optimization for Beam Lines

Last year's an interest in microprobe beam lines has been increased
sharply. This is explained by wide application region of similar
facilities. The probe forming systems for generation of beams of
nanometer size (so-called nanoprobe) require precise control of the
beam characteristics. The heightened sensibility to control
parameters deviations forces us to survey very careful mathematical
and computer simulation before any manufacture. The nature of such
systems as control systems leads us forming special methods and
technologies for optimal control problem solution. Moreover, here we
owe to realize a searching of a comprehensive set of performance
criteria, makes detailed predictions on beam characteristics,
possible configuration defects and critical elements, and gives
indications for improvement. A path approaching an optimized
configuration can thus be established based on well-defined
quantitative criteria and special mathematical and computer models
for micro- and nanoprobes as control systems. There are discussed
some practical results.
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