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Dynamics of multistability states and formation of chimera in multilayers network

Nikita Frolov, Vladimir Maksimenko, Vladimir Makarov, Mikhail Goremyko, Alexey Koronovskii, Alexander Hramov
In this work we study the conditions of chimera states excitation in multiplex network of non-locally coupled Kuramoto-Sakaguchi (KS) oscillators. In the framework of current research we analyze the dynamics of the homogeneous network containing identical oscillators. To perform the analysis we have used both numerical simulation and analytical technique, namely the Ott-Antonsen (OA) ansatz, to consider the behavior of in nitely large KS network. We have shown that the fully identical layers, demonstrated individually different chimera due to the initial mismatch, come to the identical chimera state with the increase of inter-layer coupling.
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