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Alexander Nebylov, Daniel Davila, Sukrit Sharan, Vladimir Nebylov
Abstract: WIG-craft (Ekranoplanes) are taking up the transition between ships and aero planes and they are supposed to take the significant part of the projected air traffic growth without constructing new airstrips and aerodromes. Nowadays some countries have taken deep interest in this technology and started to work in the development of this promising and advanced kind of transport. The Venezuelan WIG Effect craft project called BUCHON-1 is one of them and it is projected to be used as a transport vehicle in the Caribbean Sea. However, a trouble-free flight at very low altitude over the disturbed sea surface and also for marine landing requires the application of special methods and means of motion control which are capable to solve the corresponding specific problems. Methods of providing stability to WIG Effect flight by special automatic control systems and the development of special altimeters are analyzed especially considering the BUCHON-1 and the experiments and tests extensively carried out using its prototype. The control means and algorithms developed especially for ekranoplanes are described.
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