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Investigation of nonlinear dynamics of electron beam instability in three-dimensional periodical structures

Svetlana Sytova
Nonlinear phenomena originating in interaction of relativistic electron beams with three-dimensional periodical structures in Volume Free Electron Lasers (VFEL) are investigated by methods of mathematical modelling. In particular, it is considered chaotic dynamics of such interaction under changes of length of interacting zone and electron beam current density. Bifurcation diagrams and two-parametric maps show onset of oscillations and destruction of different chaotic regimes under
bifurcational parameters changing. Such regimes are periodic, quasiperiodic and chaotic self-oscillations with standard routes to chaos such as period doubling, Hopf bifurcations and intermittency as well as transitions between large-scale and small-scale amplitude regimes. Study of VFEL chaotic nature will be useful for providing
experimental investigations.
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