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Sterilization installation electron beam dynamics optimization

Peter Bystrov
Some methods to increase efficiency of electron beam usage and to improve the uniformity of irradiation dose in sterilization installation are proposed. Irradiation methods are simulated using the developed computer code “BEAM SCANNING”. The need in correction of the saw-tooth shape of current in the deflecting magnet at wide amplitudes of beam deflection angle is confirmed. The efficiency of magnetic scanning system that creates not parallel but slightly convergent electron flow is shown. Dose drop near the lateral faces of the irradiated object is demonstrated. Configuration of magnets, that increases the dose in this area, is proposed. The possible benefit of using low-energy electrons in the spectrum is shown. This benefit is manifested in possibility of additional exposure of the lateral faces of the object.
CYBERNETICS AND PHYSICS, Vol. 3, No. 3. 2014, 99-108.
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