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Velocity Vector Roll Control of a Fighter Aircraft with Multi-axis Thrust Vectoring Controls

This paper emphasizes the challenging problem of rapid maneuvering flight control and specifically concentrated on the velocity vector roll maneuver. The development of automatic flight control system for rapid aircraft maneuvering requires nonlinear and coupled modeling. For that purpose a nonlinear compact, twin engine multi-axis thrust vector controlled, fighter aircraft model is built. The model includes the coupled Newtonian kinematics/dynamics, nonlinear aerodynamics, engine and thrust vectoring paddles, and, sensor models. The nonlinear controller design is based on time scale separation between the velocity vector orientation angles and the body angular velocity components. The controller is designed to command the desired velocity vector attitude angles and conduct the angle of attack, side slip angle stabilization/control features. This is effectively done by blending the aerodynamic and thrust vectoring control effectors. The performance of the proposed velocity vector roll controller is simulated in a velocity vector roll maneuver scenario and demonstrated for the mentioned fighter aircraft model
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