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Stabilization of fixed points by extended time-delayed feedback control

Eckehard Schoell, Philipp Hoevel, Thomas Dahms
Time-delayed feedback methods can be used to control unstable periodic orbits as well as unstable steady states. We present an application of extended time delay autosynchronization introduced by Socolar et al. [1] to an unstable focus. This system represents a generic model of an unstable steady state which can be found for instance in a Hopf bifurcation. In addition to the original controller design, we investigate effects of control loop latency and a
bandpass filter on the domain of control. Furthermore, we consider coupling of the control force to the system via a
rotational coupling matrix parametrized by a variable phase. We present an analysis of the domain of control and support
our results by numerical calculations.

[1] J. E. S. Socolar, D. W. Sukow, and D. J. Gauthier, Phys. Rev. E {\bf 50}, 3245 (1994).
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