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A nonlinear dynamics of population size: the influence of age structure in population on the transition to chaos

Oksana Zhdanova, Efim Frisman
The modeling analysis of connection between ontogenesis duration and mode of dynamic behavior of biological community (the structure and dimension of chaotic attractors arising) was conducted. It is shown, that during the process of natural evolution of natural population with designated seasonality of life circle the nonrandom transition from stable regimes of population’s dynamics to fluctuations and chaos (the pseudo stochastic regimes) have to occur. In case of more complicated nonlinear models of dynamics of populations with age structure the increasing of average individual fitness leads to arising of chaotic attractors which structure and dimension changes with model parameters modifications. The increasing of duration and complexity of ontogenesis “in average” increases the degree of attractors’ chaotization. In spite of this fact the resonant values of reproduction potential for long ontogenesis have been fond, and these values give the windows of regularization in chaotic dynamics.
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