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Prompt Terrain Modelling for Navigation, Control and High-Precision Guidance by Aerospace Images

Valentin Kostin, Alexander Alchinov, Nikolay Beklemishev, Valeriy Kekelidze
The system has been developed for prompt computation and on-the-fly visualization of terrain models from aerospace photography data for purposes of navigation and moving objects guidance. Visualization is performed on the basis of terrain model composed of detailed digital elevation model with orthophoto overlay; texture and quality of thus rendered images comply with that of photography source data, and the model computation can be performed automatically as well. The model applies for navigation and guidance tasks as follows: a) computer reproduction of an actual traversed path; b) route choice and guidance of a moving object using the visualized terrain model and the moving object simulator; c) navigation and guidance of moving object by comparison of on-board terrain model calculated during the flight to the predetermined one.
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