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Non-Stationary Resonance Dynamics Of The Harmonically Forced Pendulum

Leonid Manevich, Valeri Smirnov, Francesco Romeo
The stationary and highly non-stationary resonant dynamics of the harmonically forced pendulum are described in the framework of a semi-inverse procedure combined with the Limiting Phase Trajectory concept. This procedure, implying only existence of slow time scale, permits one to avoid any restriction on the oscillation amplitudes. The main results relating to the dynamical bifurcation thresholds are represented in a closed form. The small parameter defining the separation of the time scales is naturally identified in the analytical procedure. Considering the pendulum frequency as the control parameter we reveal two qualitative transitions. One of them corresponding to stationary instability with formation of two additional stationary states, the other, associated with the most intense energy drawing from the source, at which the amplitude of pendulum oscillations abruptly grows. Analytical predictions of both bifurcations are verified by numerical integration of original equation. It is also shown that occurrence of chaotic domains may be strongly connected with the second transition.
CYBERNETICS AND PHYSICS, Vol. 5, No. 3. 2016, 91–95.
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