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Experimental study of multiresonance mechatronic vibrational laboratory set-up

Boris Andrievsky, Vladimir Boikov
In the paper the properties of the novel mechatronic set-up – the Vibration Stand SV-2M are studied. The set-up consists of a spring-suspended platform with electrically driven unbalanced rotors, a personal computer for control of the stand and processing the data of experiments, set of sensors, computer interface facilities and an amplification-transformation unit. The experimental results are presented and compared with the simulation ones to demonstrate the motor parameter identification and PI-control of the unbalanced rotors angular
velocity. The angular velocity control system in the frequency domain is experimentally studied and the Sommerfeld effect is demonstrated. The set-up may be widely used for development of new technologies in the manufacturing industry as well for physical researches and education.
CYBERNETICS AND PHYSICS, Vol. 6, No. 1, 2017 , 5-12
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