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Recent Progress in Muon Collider Storage Ring Lattice Design

Carol Johnstone, Pavel Snopok
A new lattice for a Muon Collider storage ring with
a design collision energy of 750 on 750 GeV will be
discussed. The important building blocks of the
lattice: the Final Focus Section, the Chromatic
Correction Section and the Arc Module are described
in detail. These components of the collider have
been designed keeping in mind that the storage ring
must approximately match the footprint of the
Tevatron Ring in order to take advantage of existing
services and tunnels. The model presented here
relies heavily upon a previous, highly optimized
50-on-50 GeV storage ring lattice design. The
current design value for $\beta^*$ is chosen to be 1
cm, which has the advantage of lower chromaticities
and longer bunch lengths (due to the hour-glass
effect) as compared to the previous standard lattice
with a $\beta^*$ of 3 mm.
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