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Control of pattern formation in complex networks by multiplexity

Nikita Frolov, Alexey Koronovskii, Vladimir Makarov, Vladimir Maksimenko, Mikhail Goremyko, Alexander Hramov
In this work we study the influence of mupliplexing on synchronization between unstable chimera patterns in multiplex network of non-locally coupled Kuramoto-Sakaguchi (KS) oscillators. In the framework of current research we analyze the dynamics of the homogeneous network containing identical oscillators. To perform the analysis we have carried numerical simulation of the multiplex KS network and characterized its dynamics in terms of order parameter and averaged frequency difference between interacting layers. We have shown that increasing inter-layer coupling strength leads to stabilization of spatio-temporal chimera pattern.
CYBERNETICS AND PHYSICS, Vol. 6, No. 3. 2017, 121–125
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