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Nonlinear embedded control of spark-ignited engines using the derivative-free nonlinear Kalman filter

Gerasimos Rigatos, Pierluigi Siano, Ivan Arsie
The performance of embedded control systems for the automotive industry depends on the efficiency of the associated nonlinear control and estimation methods. A
nonlinear filtering and control method is proposed in this paper for spark ignited (SI) engines. The design of the SI engine’s control loop is primarily based on differential flatness theory and on the use of a new nonlinear filtering approach, known as Derivative-free nonlinear Kalman Filtering. It is shown that the through the proposed approach, efficient control of engine parameters such as intake pressure and turn speed, can be succeeded. The followed methodology solves additional
problems that arise in the design of the control loop, for example that (i) specific variables of the engine’s state vector are not directly measurable (e.g. the ones associated with input pressure), (ii) the dynamic model of the SI engine is not always an accurate one while it is subjected to external perturbations and disturbances (such as friction torques). The proposed control scheme is evaluated through simulation experiments.
CYBERNETICS AND PHYSICS, Vol. 3, No. 1, 2014, 38-46.
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