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Nonlinear localized dust-acoustic waves via vortex-like ion distribution in Plasma

The effects of vortex-like ion distribution on arbitrary nonlinear dust-acoustic waves is studied in an unmagnetized three-component dusty plasma which consist of a negatively charged dust fluid, free electrons and trapped as well as free ions. The region of the existence of the dust-acoustic waves is presented by pseudo-potential approach, which is valid for arbitrary amplitude solitary waves, and the reductive perturbation method, which is valid for small but finite amplitude limit. It is found from both highly and weakly nonlinear analyses that the present dusty plasma can support solitary waves (localized wave structure) only with negative potential. It is shown that the effect of the trapped ions change the maximum values of the Mach number and the amplitude for which solitary waves can exist. It is also observed that the region of the existence sensitively depends on the trapped ions and equilibrium free electron density.
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