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A Control Solution for the Inverse Pendulum on a Cart Problem

Sergiu-Dan Stan, Radu Balan, Vistrian Maties, Olimpiu Hancu, Vlad Tudor
The paper presents a model-based predictive control algorithm that uses a limited number of control sequences for on-line simulation of future behaviour of the process. Each control sequence used in simulation generates a predicted sequence of the output signal. The predicted output sequences are analysed and evaluated and then, using a set of rules, the ‘optimal’ control signal is computed. To simulate the future behaviour of the process it is used a process model and also the previous sequences of the input and output signals from the process. The algorithm permits directly use of the nonlinear model of the process. For exemplifying the performance of the algorithm, the well-known problem of the inverted pendulum on a cart was chosen, in the position in which the cart movement is done in a limited space. The realized algorithm balances the position of the pendulum as well as the position of the cart.
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