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The cardiac muscle cells and tissues can be either oscillatory or excitable. We observed various oscillating regimes that take place in ensembles of virtual coupled cells of both types. They were simulated accordingly to the Luo-Rudy model of membrane voltage potential.

Firstly, we studied dynamics of two coupled cells. By means of numerical simulation we have found the range of coupling parameter where the synchronous regime exists. Secondly, we considered a chain consisted of excitable cells forced by a single oscillatory cell. On the basis of the first results we have investigated the conditions of spread of oscillations from the oscillatory cell into the excitable region. After that we modified the chain by addition of one more oscillatory cell. During studies of that structure we have found different regimes of oscillating behavior such as cluster synchronization or interaction through the excitable region.

Finally, global and cluster synchronization regimes were studied in the lattice of coupled cells. Several available experimental results (formation of target and spiral waves in the cardiac cultures) were also reproduced in modeling.
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